Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stink free, naturally

No one wants BO. But no one really wants to absorb potentially cancer-causing chemicals directly into their lymph nodes if they can help it, either. This creates a bit of an armpit conundrum.

For while using deodorant and antiperspirant is a necessary part of our morning routines, every time we roll it on we are also exposing ourselves to aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminium zirconium, which have been linked to breast cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and are known neurotoxins. (By the way, many toothpastes contain similar aluminum compounds, which is why you are directed to call Poison Control if your kid swallows more than a “pea-sized amount.”)

Crystal deodorants have been around for a while, but I always just saw the ads in the back of women’s beauty magazines showing some chick rubbing her armpit raw with a big rock. Didn’t look too pleasant, and I couldn’t see how it would be effective.

But the other day I was in GNC and came across TCCD Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal in a roll-on form. A friend had mentioned that she used it, and another said her mother switched over after being successfully treated for breast cancer. At $3.99 for 3 ounces, it wasn’t any more expensive than my usual choice (Dove), so I figured it was a good time to try it out.

SO glad I did. I am totally stink-free, and have absolutely no kind of residue on me, which even the so-called “clear” deodorants leave. Even my right pit, which for some odd reason is always stinkier than the left, is totally fresh.

A couple of caveats:
First, this is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. Those nasty aluminum compounds are what make you not sweat, and they do that by blocking your pores. That is obviously no bueno. So you will still sweat using the crystal deodorant, but that sweat will not smell. At all. Sweat smell is caused by bacteria, and this deodorant contains a natural antibacterial ingredient. However, in the week I have been using it I have experienced very little wetness, even under that naughty right armpit.

Second, it takes a little while to dry, like most roll-ons. Be prepared to flap your arms around a bit to help the process along. However, like I said it leaves no residue, so don’t worry about getting any on your clothes if you dress before it dries.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Target beauty goes green

O Target, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

There is this fantastic Target half a mile from my home. It was just built a year or so ago and is large, bright, clean and full of wonderful stuff. One of the (many) reasons I prefer Target over the other big box stores is because they have a nice selection of organic foods in their Archer Farms proprietary line. Now they are starting to carry several fantastic organic/natural beauty brands, too.

I stopped dead in my tracks yesterday when I came across half an aisle devoted to Burt’s Bees, Giovanni, Otopia, Avalon, Dr Bronner’s, Bumble and Bumble, Purology, Jason Natural Cosmetics, Alba, Kiss My Face... I am not kidding. Tons and tons of products from brands you would pay top dollar for at Sephora.

And then I nearly had a heart attack and died right there at the Target when I saw they had many of these for sale in travel sizes! These are perfect for trying out a new product to see if it will work for you, before buying that huge bottle of Dr Bronner’s Lavender Pure Castille Soap. So. Freaking. Awesome. Plus, since I travel so much on business, I can reuse the travel-size packages after refilling them since they are the perfect size for a suitcase, or even stashing in your tiny little quart-size carry-on plastic bag.

It’s not like I needed another reason to stop by this store every day, but there it is anyway.